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Fleecie Testimonials
It's beautiful- my son will love it 
- BBC Eastenders star Nina Wadia, who plays Zainab Masood
The micro fleece is really soft and the weight is great for Summer or Winter, really useful
- Judy Garrat

Lauren loves her Beastie Fleece and the quality is fantastic it washes really well’
- Mrs F Betts

Our Beasties

Free Bedtime Story! Click here to read how Sally Shufflebottom discovered the beasties.

Eye Monsters
Dangerous Daisy Which Way Walters

If you want some help choosing your beastie why not let us help? Simply select from our drop down boxes below which will help you decide which beastie best fits with your child's personality.

For girls:
For boys:

Eye Monsters

The Eye Monsters live in the lagoon on Beastie Island and they keep an eye on what everyone's doing; no-one keeps any secrets from them. They know what's going on everywhere and the worst thing is... they tell everyone! They're always wiggling their eyes around to see who or what is coming, so they keep all the other Beasties very safe. They're very nosy sort of beasties and always creeping around to find out what's going on, their legs are not ideal for nosing about as they are quite stiff and they make lots of noise wobbling along.

Spikey Mikey

Mikey lives in a cave on Beastie Island and his favourite thing is rubbish and dirt. His back is covered in spikey bits and as he moves about all kinds of yucky stuff gets stuck to him. When it gets windy rubbish gets stuck all over poor Mikey and sometimes you can't even see him! He's a very nice Beastie and wants to be everyone's friend but the other Beastie's sometimes struggle to be around him because he's a bit smelly with all that dirt!

Dangerous Daisy

Daisy lives in the huge Oak Tree on the edge of the Beastie Forest she is a beautiful flying beastie who has long flowery wings that are very pretty. However Daisy has one problem, she can't land properly! When she comes into land all the other Beasties run for cover. Because Daisy has no legs she lands like a giant paper aeroplane on her sharp nose. So watch out for Daisy as she can be a bit dangerous if you get in her way!

Which Way Walters

Which Way Walters live in Beastie Forest and are always arguing; they are two Beasties in one with one set of legs and one body but two heads! They're always getting lost and can never decide what to do. Some days they don't come out of the woods because they get lost on their way to Daisy's Oak Tree or Ellie's Lagoon. They can never agree on what to do. They can never agree on what to eat or on who to visit, but although they argue a lot of the time they are joined at the hip and best of friends.